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What Is IceCold® Catalyst and How It Benefits You

Air conditioning systems that lose their efficiency become problematic for AC unit owners. When air conditioners don’t operate like they used to, they tend to consume more energy and become costly to maintain. Usually, malfunctioning AC units are either replaced or need to undergo extensive repairs. However, those options can be expensive if constantly applied. One way to effectively revitalize the efficiency of air conditioners at a low cost is to introduce them to the IceCold® catalyst.

What is IceCold®?

IceCold® is a revolutionary synthetic catalyst created to increase your air conditioner’s efficiency without compromising the system’s warranty and the environment. IceCold® breaks down the oil fouling in your air conditioner and lowers the temperature of the air coming from your unit by 10-30%. By doing so, it gives your AC a smoother and easier time running. The moment IceCold® is installed, you’ll immediately notice its effects on your monthly electric bill.

What Does IceCold® Mean for Your AC System?

Even though IceCold® is widely known for its major energy savings, it offers several other benefits for your AC system. IceCold® is a non-toxic, non-hazardous “green” technology, so your unit won’t emit any harmful chemicals in the air. The catalyst is only installed once and it lasts the entire lifespan of your AC. Since IceCold® is safe for you and your air conditioner, you’ll receive better air quality without the fear of your unit getting damaged. With your system uniquely optimized, its life is extended by five to eight years.

Many big named companies, institutes, and industries can attest to the catalyst’s effects and are always left satisfied with the results. Brands like 7-11, McDonald’s, and Braum’s all use IceCold® to efficiently cut down on costs without jeopardizing comfort. IceCold® is also available for residential properties.

If you’re interested in installing IceCold® in your residential or commercial space in Greater Virginia, contact AAPCO, LC today. AAPCO knows all about the benefits of the IceCold® catalyst, and we want you to experience its magic. Letting us properly install the product in your AC system ensures that the procedure runs smoothly to allow IceCold® to properly work on your unit. If you’re looking to conserve energy, we also provide professional home remodeling services like eShield Insulation and SolarTyme. If you’re interested in our services, give us a call at 804-214-7370 for a free estimate.