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Bow Window Installations in Greater Virginia

Bow window

One way to improve your indoor living space without having to tear down your walls is to get the right windows. Windows are simple home additions that bring outside scenery to the indoors seamlessly, and give the impression that your property looks and feels bigger.

Windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, offering distinct advantages depending on the type of window you choose. If you need windows that provide good ventilation, fit your home style, and are able to invite more natural light in your property, bow windows are exactly what you’re looking for.

Bow windows are often mistaken for bay windows. Although these two types of windows look similar, bow windows are made with four or more windows joined together, creating a curve or arc. This gives bow windows an edge as they perfectly suit properties exhibiting the Victorian style. The edges of bow windows are also rounded, unlike the sharpness of bay windows, allowing them to wrap around the corner of a property.

Apart from these features, bow windows also provide the following benefits:

More Natural Light

Since bow windows are made up of several windows, they invite more sunlight into your home. This means that more heat can enter the rooms, keeping your living environment warm during winter.


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Improved Ventilation

Even though the center window in bow windows is often fixed, you have the option to have all the windows open and close to catch a cool breeze from several directions, improving home ventilation and making your indoor atmosphere pleasant.

Increases Home Value

Although bow windows match Victorian homes, they can be installed in various properties. Bow windows are often chosen for their aesthetic appeal, which will undoubtedly increase your home’s property value. Adding bow windows also makes it easier to sell your home because of their benefits.


Let APPCO Install Your Bow Windows

Contact AAPCO if you want to install bow windows on your home. We have the necessary installation equipment, experience, and manpower to perform the procedure with zero mistakes or delays. Just give us a call at 804-214-7370 for a free estimate. Our replacement windows and other home improvement services are available to properties in Greater Virginia.