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Sliding Window Installations in Greater Virginia

Sliding Window Installations in Greater Virginia

The sliding window (a.k.a. slider or gliding) is one of the most popular modern window options today. Unlike the traditional double-hung window, it opens horizontally by sliding along the frame. This design allows the window to invite fresh air in from different angles, as well as provide you with an expansive view of the outdoors. 

Plus, the latest sliding windows are built with several features and benefits like the following:

Durable and Energy Efficient Design

Sliding windows are made with less hardware than casement or awning windows, so they’re less likely to wear out quickly. They’re also glazed with special coatings or come with low-E glass options, which improves their durability and gives them energy efficiency qualities.

Easy Maintenance and Operation

You won’t have any difficulty opening or closing sliding windows. They aren’t heavy, so you can easily glide them across the railing. Additionally, taking care of sliding windows is a breeze because they require very little maintenance. Just remember to keep the railing free of debris to keep the sliding motion smooth.

Cost-Effective Construction and Price

Since sliding windows don’t have as many accessories as conventional windows, they’re cheaper to manufacture. This is also the reason why they’re very affordable and the practical choice for starter homes.

Find the Perfect Sliding Windows at AAPCO

If you’re planning to install sliding windows on your Greater Virginia home, contact AAPCO. We can make your experience much easier by helping you find pieces that suit your needs and budget. Our window experts will be happy to guide you through our selection and show you which products fit your preferences.


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Before and after installation

Once you’ve made a purchase, we’ll deliver and install the windows for you. With our help, you can use the windows and enjoy their benefits much sooner. Give us a call at 804-214-7370 today for more information and a free estimate.