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Home Remodeling Services in Chester, VA

There comes a point in time when every household starts to feel out dated, damaged, too small or just not fitting for your lifestyle but you may not necessarily want to give up your home. That's why at AAPCO, LC, we offer professional home remodeling services to upgrade the areas you want to improve and to bring your dream home to life.

Even though remodeling your home can be quite exciting, it can also be a painstaking process for homeowners. There are many things that property owners must consider before the remodeling project begins like the ideal design, adding on additional rooms, and the total budget and any questions for the remodelers.

At AAPCO, LC, we know just where to begin and we have been helping property owners get through the remodeling process quickly and with as much as ease as possible. We offer high-quality remodeling services and products to fit just about any budget and we always pay close attention to detail so the homeowner is always satisfied with the outcome. We are dedicated to helping homeowners live comfortably in the homes they love.

Installations, Upgrades and Replacements Offered

We can remodel a portion of your property or everything from the ground up. Depending on what you want, we can provide you any of the following options, services and products.

  • Sidings & Trim - For that extra exterior home protection.
  • Windows - To add a little more sunlight into your living spaces.
  • Entry Doors - Your first line of defense from the outside forces.
  • Sunrooms - Which are able keep the indoors well-lit and spacious.
  • Gutter Protection - An innovative way to keep your roofs, ceilings, and attics, free from leaks.
  • Roofing - Your much needed roof maintenance.
  • eShield - Reduce your energy consumption all-year round.
  • Energy Conservation - Modern technology installations to help you save on energy cost and provide a comfortable living atmosphere indoors.

If you're interested in learning more about our professional remodeling services in Chester, VA or you're ready to schedule your free estimate, contact AAPCO today at 804-214-7370!


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Customer Reviews from Chester
James F from Chester, VA
2 Stars
Feb 26th, 2018
Our second redo of a poor installation job was performed by the same person who did the original substandard job. We had made clear to the Marketing and Production Managers what problems we had with the original installation. I still had to provide detailed guidance to the technician when he arrived. I would have expected a supervisor/manager to have come out to our home to ensure the job was done correctly. My problem with the last iteration also involved the mess which was left by the technician.
James F from Chester, VA
5 Stars
Apr 12th, 2017
Daniel M from Chester, VA
2 Stars
Feb 13th, 2017
I do not even know where to start off with on a review of this workmanship or the services we received. I was an utter fiasco, with numerous blunders on the front office, and constant nickel and dimming. What we expected for luxury shower is nowhere near what we got for the price we paid. Being first time remodelers, we expressed deep hesitation toward our sales person about our experience with our house builder, who in short was very shady. The sales person talked a good game, but the more we got into the remolding, the more and more we learned he did not have a clue about tile shower installation. We thought we were getting a fair price for looking for tile, although we never thought we had to look for tile, but he talked a good game and stated 3 dollars per square foot is more than enough for everything that we need. That was about one of the biggest lies I think I have ever heard once me and my wife went out looking. If a tile person tells you they are allotting you 3 dollars per square foot on tile, run, or go ask a tile sales person and watch their facial expression. It is an absurd price point, but it gets better, they stated that this was to include everything else, mosaic tile for the floor, cause you got to have 2x2, and mosaic for the wall, and bull nose for the corner, all for no more than 3 dollars. If you are a tile sales person and you do not know basic pricing of tiling, you should not be doing this job. There is not a single accent tile in the world that you are going to find for 3 dollars unless it is broken, or clearance and going out and they do not have much left. Everything we asked for and what we were looking for is not what we got, and when asked why this is and that missing, we had to pay extra for it. The install, this was beyond a freaking disaster. Who in their right mind creates and runs a bath remolding company and does not have a plumber, or sub plumber, or any type of plumber???? The simplest basic of things that we wanted and needed in our shower, we had to fork out money from our own pockets to have a simple diverter installed. A basic 3 way diverter valve which is common to pretty much every shower install and they could not perform this simple of a function. The tiling, it was alright, but it was more than obvious that the tillers were overwhelmed because they were doing every single part of the remodel. This included framing, plumbing, dry walling, everything. Talking to the tillers, they were on a time crunch to finish their job to receive payment for their tilling job, not the other jobs they had to do before getting to their jobs. In short, they rushed to get through their job just to receive a pay check. We did see a drywall crew, once for about an hour or so. All they did was fill in a couple of screw holes, nothing else. How do I know this, because I am still at the point of fixing all the drywall mistakes myself, shelling out money for mud, tape, corner bead, all which was left out of the install. I was shocked at the end they did send out a glass contractor to install the glass, which still needs adjustment, but it turned out fine. In terms of recommendations, I will never in a million years recommend this company to anyone. I would strongly suggest they hire local help from the home depot jobbers who are looking for work. I can almost guarantee their workmanship and quality would be 100% better than that of what me and my wife received.