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Stay Cool This Summer with eShield

eShield™ Attic Insulation

Summer is the time of year when temperatures rise, along with utility bills. Your air conditioner works overtime to keep your home as comfortable as possible on days when the temperature, as well as the heat index, can reach triple digits.

While it is tempting to keep your AC cranking on a 24/7 basis, it is not recommended. Such a workload could overwhelm your cooling system, as well as your budget.

The best thing to do is find other ways of cooling off without having to rely too much on temperature control. One way of doing so is by having eShield™ insulation installed in your home by our certified technicians from AAPCO, LC.


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What is eShield™?

eShield™ is a revolutionary insulation system that can be installed in your attic or basement. Unlike typical insulating materials, eShield reflects heat away from your home rather than absorbing it and keeping it in. This is perfect for summers and for customers in communities with warm climates, where the sun bears down relentlessly for hours at a time. With eShield able to reflect up to 95% of radiant warmth, you will be able to chill out on the hottest summer day because the temperature in your home will be lower, along with your utility bill.

Other Benefits of eShield

Other Benefits of eShield

Besides keeping away the summer heat, eShield offers additional benefits for homeowners. Those benefits include:

  • Lower energy consumption. Properly installed, eShield will keep the temperature at your home lower during the summer months. You won’t have to rely as much on your AC, which will lower your utility bills.
  • Eco-friendly product. eShield is made from eco-friendly materials that will not damage the environment like other insulation options. In fact, adding eShield will lower your home's carbon footprint. That makes eShield the greener choice.
  • Health advantages. Many health problems can arise from hot weather, including dehydration and heat stroke. eShield helps prevent these by keeping things cool and manageable in your home.
  • More relaxation. The temperature inside a home plays a major role in helping occupants relax. By reflecting most of the summer heat, eShield makes it easy for you to come home and relax quickly and easily.

When the weather warms up, don’t let the heat beat you. Get eShield installed in your home and enjoy summer like never before. Contact us at 804-214-7370 for a free estimate about installing eShield at your Virginia home, as well as other questions. AAPCO, LC also offers other home improvement services such as window replacement, sunroom installation, premium roofing installation and more.