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AAPCO Job Completion Survey

Reviewed By: Mark
Location: Virginia Beach, VA 23453

Job Type: (Doors, Window, Roof, Bath, Sunroom, Sidng, Trim, Vinyl rails, Eshield, Solar, Insulation) Shower wall repair
Was our Sales Representative knowledgeable? 5 Stars5
Was the quality of the product what you expected? 4 Stars4
Was the workmanship satisfactorily? 4 Stars4
How was our overall communication? 5 Stars5
How likely are you to recommend our company to your friends? 4 Stars4
Would you recommend our company for future products? (Y/N) Yes
Which of these products would you consider in the near future? (Doors, Window, Roof, Bath, Sunroom, Siding, Trim, Vinyl Rails, Insulation, Eshield, Solar) Doors, windows, roof
Comment Had an initial bad experience with a scheduled repair through lifetime warranty.

After contacting customer service, instead of continuing to deal with one person I felt did not represent Bath Planet in a satisfactory way, the problems were rectified and we're back out on the repair two days later instead of the quoted "another week".

Also had a small problem with some caulking that shrank in some spots, leaving tiny gaps in some areas. The VP intervened at that point and made a point to travel to my house to discuss original issues, check on finished work, and brought me a tube of custom colored caulk to fix the minor gaps and left rest with me to keep.

Once company was aware of my treatment originally, they were quick to fix the situation and make sure I was taken care of.

As a customer, it was great to receive the service and I would recommend again to friends.

Overall Rating 4.5 Stars

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