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Basement Insulation in Richmond, Roanoke & Harrisonburg, VA

Basement insulation is vital to keeping your home in excellent condition. It's relatively new, but it's a phenomenon that's often overlooked. An important thing to note is that depending on the age of your home, you may not have proper interior insulation installed. It is also possible that you may have a little, but maybe your home is also missing a proper drainage mat. If you're basement doesn't remain 100% dry, the likelihood of encountering mold and termites is very high.

Before, just upgrading the outside of your home used to be ideal since basement walls were left exposed. But now, if you have excavation plans or your home has structural issues, getting basement insulation is highly recommended.

Better Basement, Better Home

The design, as well as the materials to consider when getting your basement insulated matters. Wood and fiberglass insulation always need to be installed with care, so there's no exposure to moisture. Some prime choices are polystyrene foam combined with traditional fiberglass blankets, and eShield™, a multi-layer, revolutionary and reflective radiant heat barrier that offers a unique and complete solution for keeping energy costs low and efficiency high.

Regular fiberglass or spray foam on its own will only protect your home from heat conduction and convection, which earns them their r-value. eShield™, on the other hand protects from radiant heat or emissivity. This is what earns eShield™ its e-value, as it deflects 97% of radiant heat. It protects your home from rising energy costs, and you also get the knowledge and peace of mind that your basement's design is moisture and insect resistant. It's also versatile and can be placed on any surface, and even on any existing insulation systems.


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If you're eager to have your property equipped with the best insulating systems in the market, don't hesitate to give us a call at 804-214-7370. AAPCO, LC has been in the remodeling and home improvement business since 1969, and with that kind of experience under our belts, you can guarantee that our services are efficient, quick and professional in every sense. Aside from that, we also offer other types of insulation. Be sure to visit our contact AAPCO page if you have any additional questions. We service all properties located in the Richmond, Roanoke & Harrisonburg, VA areas!