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Bathroom Accessibility Products for Properties in Greater Virginia

Bathroom Accessibility Products for Properties in Greater Virginia

Taking a bath should always be a relaxing experience. However, for some elderly and people with disabilities, taking even a quick shower can be somewhat of a nightmare. The typical design for bath and shower areas is a closed space. For example, tubs have raised sides, while showers are often divided by doors, curtains, or have a step up or down. Though most people can easily overcome these obstacles, senior citizens and people with disabilities can often have a difficult time getting in and out of these areas. Aching bones and muscles make it more difficult to move around, raise a leg, and without handles to guide them, they can easily slip and fall. Luckily, AAPCO can provide both the elderly and the physically disabled with bathroom accessibility products that will make their time in the bath easy and comfortable.

AAPCO Makes Accessing the Bathroom Easier and Safer

Everyone deserves to have a nice, relaxing time in the shower or bath. It is because of this belief that we, at AAPCO, are ready to equip your home with various bathroom accessibility products. With these products, you will instantly improve your bathing independence without having to suffer from all the pain and trouble in doing so. We can also set up bathroom rods to help guide you around the shower area.


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If you want a relaxing bath every now and then, our walk-in tubs will be the perfect addition to your home. Plus, all of our products are high-quality and made to last. Don’t worry about the design either because we have a wide selection of colors and prints that will surely match your bathroom’s interior aesthetic.

To make things lighter for you, we’ll even install the products for you – with a free estimate. If you are interested in hiring our services, contact AAPCO at 804-214-7370. Need another part of your bathroom updated? No problem! AAPCO also has other bathroom remodeling services to cater to your requirements. All of our services are available to properties located in the areas surrounding Greater Virginia.