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Bath Planet Reviews

Following reviews are aquired from our Bath Planet customers only.

Kim B. Hildebrandt
Powhatam, VA
4 Stars
Nov 14th, 2018
Punch list response was very prompt.
Robert C
Williamsburg, VA
5 Stars
Nov 8th, 2018
Bath Planet management and workmanship were extraordinary: efficient, cooperative, proficient, and courteous. We are totally satisfied with the end product and would highly recommend them to friends for similar-scope jobs. They're good!
Tony D.
Richmond, VA
4 Stars
Nov 7th, 2018
The overall results were very good. However, the job took much longer than we were told; almost another month longer. The guys did not work on weekends, so we really had to make adjustments in our schedules to accommodate them. We would have also appreciated more attention to detail in some areas where we had to continuously bring to their attention. They also didn’t protect our floors as they were going back and forth to complete the job.
Dianne B
Ashland, VA
5 Stars
Nov 2nd, 2018
The removal of the old tub and tiles walls was done with minimal mess to install a shower. The technician was very knowledgeable and found that the original tub didn't have a P-trap which he installed. Also, the bath floor was not level so he leveled the floor under the shower base which would keep the shower doors from rolling down hill. His overall attention to detail was very admirable. I am very satisfied with his professionalism and craftsmanship. The job lasted an extra day but was worth the wait.
The sheet rock walls were finished by another set of workers. They weren't as clean as the first leaving behind dirt and grit in the new shower stall and bath floor. The mudding was done OK but I had to smooth out some areas of the walls. Towel bars were installed at my request as I had purchased new ones which replaced the old ones.
The communication between Bath Planet reps was very good. If I had a question or comment, I got a response right away, if I needed to leave a message.
Overall, I am very satisfied and happy with the job and the price.
Edmund F
Fredericksburg, VA
5 Stars
Oct 19th, 2018
Very pleased with our Bath Planet experience.
Virginia Beach, VA
4.5 Stars
Oct 9th, 2018
Had an initial bad experience with a scheduled repair through lifetime warranty.

After contacting customer service, instead of continuing to deal with one person I felt did not represent Bath Planet in a satisfactory way, the problems were rectified and we're back out on the repair two days later instead of the quoted "another week".

Also had a small problem with some caulking that shrank in some spots, leaving tiny gaps in some areas. The VP intervened at that point and made a point to travel to my house to discuss original issues, check on finished work, and brought me a tube of custom colored caulk to fix the minor gaps and left rest with me to keep.

Once company was aware of my treatment originally, they were quick to fix the situation and make sure I was taken care of.

As a customer, it was great to receive the service and I would recommend again to friends.

George S
Midlothian, VA
5 Stars
Oct 8th, 2018
We got what we ask for but salesman did not convey our desire that pan matched the walls. I did not catch change in confirmation email.
George S
Midlothian, VA
5 Stars
Oct 8th, 2018
We got what we ask for but salesman did not convey our desire that pan matched the walls. I did not catch change in confirmation email.
5 Stars
Oct 4th, 2018

The walkin shower and upstairs tub are beautiful. Everyone listened to what I wanted and followed through..
Chris W
Chesterfield, VA
3.5 Stars
Sep 18th, 2018
Sales Rep was decent, but didn't present all options on doors, shelving, and bench styles.
Some of these choices were brought up later in the planning process after the original contract was signed which required an addendum. Addendum didn't get completed which caused a delay in the build since wrong parts were sent for install and there was no addendum to compare to the original contract.

Designs were made that couldn't be upheld once the work got started, so compromises had to be made. Product was initially installed with some damage, chips to the glass doors, scratches on the frame, which required my pointing out to have replaced rather than being proactive and catching it before install. This also caused some delay.

Overall install timeline was great, and would have met schedule if not for previously mentioned setbacks.

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