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Ceiling Insulation in the Richmond, Roanoke & Harrisonburg, VA Areas

Hot air rises, so for most homes, easy and affordable heating starts with good ceiling insulation. It's the cheapest, easiest and most effective type of insulation you can get installed in your home.

Ceiling insulation is a great way to lower utility costs, but it's also important not to install too much insulation. Insulation can be heavy and when you add additional weight to your roof, you should be aware of the potential damage it can have on your home. Before having ceiling insulation installed, you should always carefully check the support materials. The joists should be firm, and there should be no cracks in the boards, or between the boards. When your attic is finished, the floor should be firmly attached to the joists, without any hint of separation.

If you have any concerns about your attic not being able to hold the weight of ceiling insulation, it's important to communicate with an experienced contractor.

Because your attic and ceiling span your entire home, the temperatures that seep in can affect each and every room. This is exactly why you should consider getting attic and ceiling insulation. When you have a well-insulated attic, it reduces home energy consumption and helps lower energy bills each month.

The most effective insulation solution that's available to all homeowners is one that addresses all three forms of heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiation. When you have traditional insulation materials such as fiberglass blankets and bats installed, they can be quite useful, but they won't protect you against radiation.

This is where comes in handy. is the multilayer, revolutionary reflective foil insulation that deflects 97% of radiant heat emissions. There is no other radiant barrier available on the market that can come close to it, and when you combine with the traditional forms of insulation, you now have a home that's completely protected from heat, making for a more comfortable home.

For property that's fully equipped with the best insulating system, give us a call at 804-214-7370. When you put your trust in a company like AAPCO, LC - a company that's been in the remodeling and home improvement business since 1969 - you can be sure that you're getting the best service available. We also offer other types of insulation that may suit your needs, and if you have any more questions or concerns, don't hesitate to visit our contact AAPCO page. We service all properties located in the Richmond, Roanoke & Harrisonburg, VA areas, so contact us immediately to start improving your home.