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Crawlspace Insulation in Virginia

When you have a home with a crawl space, there are options available to you, depending on the foundation type. There are crawl spaces that are vented outdoors, but there are better ways of going about it. And one of them is known as crawl space encapsulation, for the environmentally-conscious and for those who want energy-efficient homes.

Crawl space encapsulation is seen as a better way of eradicating moisture problems that are a result of vented crawl spaces. If your crawl space suffers from chronic dirt, mold and humidity, then crawl space encapsulation will be the perfect solution for you and your home. When you get your crawl space encapsulated, there is technology at work that separates your crawl space from the ground by using a vapor barrier, creating an additional protective layer between the building and the outside world.

When your crawl space is encapsulated instead of vented, it's a great way of reducing heating bills and ensuring that your home is energy-efficient.

There are people that believe crawl space insulation isn't a big deal, because heat will rise naturally. However, that isn't the correct assumption because heat rises through convection and conduction. Then there's radiant heat, which moves in a straight line out of your home, whether it's up, down, or sideways.

Unfortunately, standard insulation doesn't always address the problem of radiant heat transmission (which is the way homes lose most of their energy) and it could end up costing homeowners hundreds of dollars on energy bills.

This is where eShield™ crawl space comes in. With a high e-value, it can protect your home against 97% of all radiant heat transfers.

Whether you choose to insulate or encapsulate, no job is complete without eShield™. The good thing is that eShield™ is so flexible, it can be added to any existing crawl space insulation without worry of incompatibility.


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When you want property that's equipped with the best possible insulation, don't hesitate to give us a call at 804-214-7370. We at AAPCO, LC have been in the remodeling and home improvement business since 1969, and because we have that kind of experience under our belts, you can attain peace of mind that we have seen it all and know the best way to tackle each insulation problem with efficiency and professionalism. We also offer other types of insulation options, and don't forget to visit our contact AAPCO, LC page if you have any more questions or concerns. We proudly serve properties located in the Richmond, Roanoke & Harrisonburg, VA Areas.