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Exterior Wall Insulation Services in Richmond, Roanoke & Harrisonburg, VA

Choosing to insulate your home means that you are one step away from achieving the ideal lifestyle you have always wanted. It's a known fact that insulation is a key component to reducing your electrical consumption, because its materials are made to regulate your indoor temperatures and keep your home comfortable. However, the problem usually lies in what kind of insulation you want to use and where to place it. Luckily, AAPCO, LC, can help you figure out what's best for your specific home environment and install exterior wall insulation.

Why Insulate Your Exterior Walls?

Exterior walls are similar to a home's roof or attic. Since exterior walls are most exposed to the outdoors, it is easier for heat to permeate through them. Once this happens, hot, unwanted temperature will travel inside your home and leak through any surrounding empty pockets. Usually, to combat the heat, you would turn on your air-conditioning system or electric fans. This strategy, however, is futile in the long run, because your electricity bill will rise as a direct result. Insulation will reassure you that your indoor temperatures remain temperate, so you won't have to rely on your appliances as much.

Most insulation systems are built with materials that can absorb the heat. However, we believe that the best way to reduce heat transfer is by reflecting it with the help of eShield™. The eShield™ system is designed to reflect high amounts of radiant heat (up to 97% to be exact), and because of its versatile nature, it can be placed on any surface and even on existing insulating systems.


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If you wish to have your property equipped with the best insulating systems possible, give us a call at: 804-214-7370. AAPCO, LC has been in the remodeling and home improvement business since 1969, and with that much experience behind us, our methods are always efficient, quick and most importantly, professional in every way. We offer various types of insulation as well. Visit our contact AAPCO page if you have any further questions and/or inquiries. All of our services are available to properties  in the Richmond, Roanoke & Harrisonburg, VA areas.