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Window Replacement Options in Greater Virginia

Window Replacement Options in Greater Virginia Different Window Replacement Options in Greater Virginia

It’s easy to tell if your current windows are in need of a replacement. The bigger challenge is choosing the right style of windows that will fit both your property and lifestyle. At AAPCO, LC, we offer excellent window replacement options that are sure to fit your needs and the design of your home or workspace. Our basic window designs include:

Different Window Replacement Options in Greater Virginia Double-Hung Windows replacement in Greater Virginia
  1. Double-Hung Windows - Project a classic look and have operable upper and lower sashes.
  2. Single-Hung Windows - Look similar to double-hung windows, but only has an operable lower
  3. Sliding Windows - Have one or more horizontally moving panels for easy ventilation.
  4. Accent Windows - Standard and fixed window design. Offers more visual variety but doesn’t allow ventilation.
  5. Glass Block Windows - Constructed from individual blocks that are sealed together with mortar. Provides privacy but still allows light to shine in your home.
  6. Basement Hopper Windows - Windows that provide airflow in your basement. Often placed on an exterior wall.

With the various replacement window options available, the task of picking the perfect one can be tricky. However, purchasing a window replacement can be simplified if you consider the following tips:


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Expensive Doesn’t Always Mean Better Performance

Just because a window is pricey, it doesn’t mean that it’s the best one for your property. Performance is always better than price, so if a cheaper window outperforms an expensive one, it's just as good to choose the cheap one. A window is meant to protect you from the outside elements. If it can’t withstand high wind speeds and keep cold air out, then that window isn’t your best option.

Look for Windows That Match the Climate

Make sure that the window you’re choosing suits your area’s environment. There are windows that are designed not to crack under cold climates, while others are equipped with tough glass to resist strong winds and storms. If you’re unsure of what type of window suits your property’s environment, you can ask AAPCO, LC for help.

Choose Your Upgrades Wisely

Replacement window upgrades do sound great, but you have to think which ones offer better value for money. For example, you don’t need triple glazing unless you’re living in a place that has extremely cold climate. However, getting a replacement window with low-E ratings will help you immensely in saving energy.

Professional Window Installations by AAPCO, LC

If you want to replace the windows in your Greater Virginia property, contact AAPCO, LC. Not only do we provide high-quality replacement windows, but we can install them for you as well. When you let us install the windows, you’ll save a lot of time and resources. It also assures you that the windows are placed in the right spot and correctly. Give us a call at 804-214-7370 today and get a free estimate.