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Home Remodeling and Upgrades in Midlothian, VA

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There comes a point in time when every home starts to feel outdated, damaged, too small or just not fitting for your lifestyle but you may not necessarily want to give up your home. That's why at AAPCO, we offer home remodeling services, renovations and upgrades that will bring your dream home to life.

Even though remodeling your home is exciting, it can also be a painstaking process. There are many things that homeowners must consider before the remodeling project begins like the ideal design, adding additional rooms/space, and the total budget just to name a few.

At AAPCO, we help Midlothian, VA homeowners get through the home remodeling process quickly and with as much as ease as possible. We offer high-quality home renovation services and products to fit just about any budget and we always pay close attention to detail so the homeowner is satisfied with the outcome. We are dedicated to helping homeowners live comfortably in the homes they love.


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Home Renovations, Upgrades and Replacements

With AAPCO, we can remodel a portion of your property or everything from the ground up. Depending on what you want, we can provide you any of the following options, services and products.

  • Siding & Trim - Upgrade or replace your siding for that extra exterior home protection.
  • Window Replacements - Replacement windows can add a little more sunlight into your living spaces and increase the energy efficiency of your home.
  • New Entry Doors - Your first line of defense from the outside and the first thing guests notice. We can replace your doors with new entry doors with a modern design.
  • Sunrooms - To keep the indoors well-lit and spacious add a sunroom in your home.
  • Gutter Protection - An innovative way to keep your roofs, ceilings, and attics free from leaks.
  • Roofing - Your much needed roof maintenance and roofing upgrades.
  • eShield Insulation - Reduce your energy consumption all-year round with eShield insulation.
  • Energy Conservation - Modern technology installations to help you save on energy cost and provide a comfortable living atmosphere indoors.

Contact AAPCO for Remodeling Services and Home Upgrades in Midlothian

Aapco is the name to trust for all of your home remodeling, upgrades, replacements and renovations in Virginia. When you want to upgrade or remodel your Midlothian, Virginia home, contact us at 804-214-7370. We will make your dream home a reality.

Customer Reviews from Midlothian
Laura B from Midlothian, VA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Aug 29th, 2018
The company representative did an excellent job explaining the product. The work crew came in and did the job quickly and efficiently. I like the warranty that goes with the gutter guards.
Joy Kanczuzewski from Midlothian, VA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jun 5th, 2018
Margaret N from Midlothian, VA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Apr 10th, 2018
James H. from Midlothian, VA
4 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Mar 1st, 2018
Was very please with the overall install. By the unit bring not as large as maybe some, it was suggested we go with a framed instead of frameless because of water spray, by the installer and we agreed. Does this frame one cost less? It was also brought to our attention, a crack in the floor tile which was not mention.Their was sealant put there to cover it. Thank You.
Moses R. from Midlothian, VA
3.5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jan 30th, 2018
The sub contractors did a great job! The job was really over priced and the salesmans quote was overpriced for siding..
James H. from Midlothian, VA
4 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jan 21st, 2018
The team was on time and very friendly. Answered all question and very helpful about the project. Even brought to our attention a tile crack and overlayed with a sealant. Also suggested we should go with a framed enclosure instead of seamless because of possible water leak do to size of shower. Is it cheaper?
Susan W from Midlothian, VA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jan 15th, 2018
Eric H from Midlothian, Va, VA
3.5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Apr 28th, 2017
My wife and I replaced 8 windows and was told the eight Windows could be completely installed in one day. First off let me say that was wrong, the whole installation process took approximately four to six weeks yes four to six weeks. The installation crew install the window in one of the bedrooms that was damaged and then tried to cover up a spot on the window frame with caulking. When we approached them about it they said a new window sash would have to be ordered. After waiting a week or longer for the new window sash to come in the new one did not fit. Also to complicate problems further the crew put up the wrong exterior wrap and had to come back weeks later to switch that out. My wife and I love our new windows but we did not love the process of getting them. They were rather expensive but we hope in the long run they will last a long time and will be worth the money. If you do not mind waiting a long time for your product then yes I recommend this company. They could do a little bit better in the communication process. One would thank that after being in business for 40 some years that they would learn the definition of proper communication.
Hal M from Midlothian, VA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Mar 23rd, 2017
Fair price and quality work. Very satisfied customer.
David S. from Midlothian, VA
2.5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jan 13th, 2017
First, let me say that the final product of my full master bath remodel looks good. There are some things I am finding that are not square or plumb, but overall I am satisfied with the final product.
How I got there and what it took to get the job done is a different story. I should have listened to my little voice that said walk away when the only quote I received was a total number written on a business card. The excuse was that his printer was broken. I am not sure how a quoted was arrived at as no measurements were taken. When pressed for details, very few were given. I was finally able to get an email detailing the allowances and he came by to show me the fixtures that would be used. When the contract was written, I had to correct the vanity allowance he had quoted.
When the sub-contractors came in to start work, they were accompanied by Mike Martin. He appears to be the foreman for Bath Planet and the only employee of the company that was even remotely involved in the build. He gave the subs a quick overview of what had to be done and left. Neither sub seemed to really understand the entire scope. These two guys were the sloppiest people I have ever had work in any of my properties. While they put down drop cloths, they still managed to leave large pieces of the demoed material all over a brand new wood floor. They also didn’t plastic off any area, or even close the bathroom doors, to keep the dust from spreading over the entire second floor. I went upstairs at one point to find their dirty sweatshirts and a dust pan tossed on my bed.
As for the construction, I had to explain each step of what had to be done. They didn’t know what form the shower was to be, that there was to be a niche, that there was to be a seat or what fixtures were to go where. I had to prove to them what the total length of the vanity would be and it was still built too tight for the vanity. Plumbing was cracked when they removed the toilet and it caused a leak in my dining room ceiling when they reconnected and tested the plumbing. It was attempted to explain the leak as a frozen pipe, but no water had been run it for the 2.5 weeks they were working, and it hadn’t leaked before they worked on the plumbing. The subs let my cats out of 6 different occasions. They set up a wet saw in my garage and never cleaned up the mess they made. They stacked trash in a flower bed crushing several plants. They set up saws in my front yard and caused a mud hole that I am not sure the grass will come back in. All this and never asked permission for any of it.
Communication seemed to be an issue between the subs and the company and even their employer. They left several days early as they couldn’t get supplies or reach their foreman on the phone. My one phone conversation with someone from the company’s management ended up with me being hung up on. This conversation was about a back splash for the vanity and the amount being charged. I was hung up on when I told, who I was told was the owner, that I would not pay what was asked. I was able to have the back splash for a sixth of what Bath Planet claimed was a straight pass through price with no mark up.
All in all I wish I had gone with the lowest bidder. That right Bath Planet was not the cheapest quote I received. That way I would have felt I was paid for being the onsite foreman. I would not use Bath Planet for another project.
Testimonials from Midlothian
Debbie Q from Midlothian, VA Debbie Q from Midlothian, VA
Debbie Q from Midlothian, VA recently had eShield installed in her home and will be having windows installed soon.
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Estimate Requests from Midlothian
Patrick N. on September 17, 2018 9:35:57am
Dream Project: Sunroom
Additional Comments: Thanks!!

Catherine H. on May 3, 2018 4:10:11pm
Second floor gets hot due to air from attic...interested in eshield quote
Sarah L. on November 28, 2016 8:34:12pm
Interested in having 1986 hardboard siding either repaired and painted or replaced completely with vinyl siding. Just beginning the process of getting information and estimates