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Roofing & Siding, Window Replacement, Sunroom Addition & Attic Insulation

Chesapeake's population has grown to approximately 226,000 residents since its incorporation as a city in the 1960s. It is home to many rural and urban centers in its 351 sq mile area, providing its citizens with a plethera of recreational and cultural pastimes. The climate boaasts hot humid summers and mild winters making it an attractive area for tourists. Nevertheless,residents may still feel the need for a change. 

Every house starts to feel out dated, damaged, too small after a while. If this sounds like you or you just to try a different style; not necessarily give up your home, maybe its time to consider remodeling. That's why at AAPCO, LC, we offer professional home remodeling services to breathe new life into the areas you want to update and to make your dream home a reality.

Installations, Upgrades and Replacements Offered in Chesapeake, VA

We can remodel a portion of your property or everything from the ground up. Depending on what you want, we can provide you any of the following:

  • Gutter Protection - An innovative way to keep your roofs, ceilings, and attics, free from leaks.
  • Roofing - Your much needed roof maintenance.
  • eShield - Reduce your energy consumption all-year round.
  • Energy Conservation - Modern technology installations to help you save on energy cost and provide a pleasureable living atmosphere indoors.
  • Sidings & Trim - For that extra exterior home protection.
  • Windows - To add a little more sunlight into your living spaces.
  • Entry Doors - Your first line of defense from the outside forces.
  • Sunrooms - Which are able keep the indoors well-lit and feel spacious no matter the size.

Remodeling your home can be quite exciting but also stressful process for homeowners. There are many things that property owners must consider before the remodeling project begins: ideal design, adding on additional rooms, their total budget, as well as any questions they might have for the remodelers.

At AAPCO, LC, we know just where to begin and how to help our clients get through the remodeling process as quickly and smoothly as possible. We offer high-quality remodeling services and products to fit just about any budget and we always pay close attention to detail so the homeowner is always satisfied with the outcome. We are dedicated to helping people live comfortably in a home they love.

If you're interested in learning more about our professional remodeling services in Chesapeake, VA or you're ready to schedule your free estimate, contact AAPCO today at 804-214-7370!


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Customer Reviews from Chesapeake
Norton from Chesapeake, VA
5 Stars
Dec 19th, 2017
Great product
Dan G. from Chesapeake, VA
3.5 Stars
Nov 17th, 2017
Shower and installer for shower was fantastic. Pocket Door installers we very courteous but didn't appear to ever have installed a pocket door before. They installed the trim, door pull, and framing incorrectly. I am left with wobbly drywall with cracks at every corner and a door that doesn't lock. I am also not confident the electrical that was messed up when being relocated is actually safe or fully functional.
Trenell Courcelles from Chesapeake, VA
4.5 Stars
Jul 4th, 2017
I really enjoy the work that was completed on my deck and front porch. No complaints about anything would recommend them again.
Bonnie W from Chesapeake, VA
5 Stars
Mar 24th, 2017
all work looking good but would like you to repair the screens that the roofs hit with the shingles went they would working thank you
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Estimate Request from Chesapeake, VA
John B. on August 7, 2017 12:34:27pm
Can you give me an approximate time frame of when our shower doors will be delivered? It's been almost two weeks since the shower stall was installed. I'm very pleased with the shower but I don't like having to shower with a curtain instead of our door. Thank you.
Barbara G. on August 30, 2016 3:34:00pm
the ceiling on our front porch has a sag (< 1 inch) in it so the edges of the two pieces of plywood are not matching up, leaving a small gap. There is no 2 x 4 under there to screw the plywood up. Do you estimates on this kind of repair?