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Eric a.

Dear Mr. Reynolds, My wife and I just had to send you a letter to sincerely thank you and your staff for all of the excellent advice and recommendations you gave us on the new HVAC system we purchased from you. The energy savings we have already seen are truly staggering. We have enclosed a copy of our September 2006 bill and a copy of our September 2007 bill for you to see. As you can see, we saved a whopping $504.51 off our electric bill in one month alone. If our calculations are correct, thats about 70 percent less for the same billing cycle last year. And, we actually think this year was hotter than last! At this rate, we expect this unit to pay for itself in no time flat! We dont even want to think about all the money weve wasted month after month, year after year. But, we cant wait to see how much more money well start saving once we get those new energy efficient windows installed. You know, we never believed all of that energy savings hype before. But, nowmy wife and I have seen proof and we hope youll share our story with as many people as you can so they too can benefit from significantly lower energy bills! We dont believe theres a home owner anywhere that wouldnt appreciate saving this kind of money!

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