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Solar System Installation Process

SolarTyme Provides Solar Panel Installation in Virginia, North Carolina & South Carolina

Solar power can be a HUGE cost saver for many homes and families.  It is important to select a trusted company that can properly do a full assessment to make sure solar is worth the investment and that your property is properly equipped to get the maximum benefits.  SolarTyme has been in the solar business for years and has the trained team that can help you select the right system that will fit your budget and needs.


Here are a few items to consider Solar Installation in Richmond, VA

Free Solar Consultation


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Solar Installation

Is your home solar friendly? About 25% of all homes are "solar ready". This can be anything from evaluating the direction your home faces, to tree coverage and evaluation of your home. We do a full inspection to evaluate the best type and direction for optimal results.

Solar Installation

We will discuss your energy needs, as well as your budget, and provide an exact price quotation for a solar system that will work for you. Well-designed and properly installed solar systems will help reduce your power bill.  

Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels are low maintenance. Really, really low maintenance. With no moving parts, most installations can go decades with minimal upkeep. There are steps you can take to extend the lifetime of your photovoltaic (PV) system beyond 25 years. Some lucky homeowners and businesses are still generating free electricity from solar installations from the 1970s.

Are You Solar Ready?

If you are ready to save energy and money and would like to schedule a complimentary consultation, call 804-214-7370 or complete our contact form to schedule a time to meet with one of our trained professionals.