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In some parts of the country, having a durable front door and back door is enough to keep a home safe from inclement weather. However, in some parts of the country, the need for added protection is crucial to keep a home and the entry doors safe. This is why many homeowners choose to install ProVia Storm Doors.

A storm door is a secondary door that is placed in front of your entry door. This is used to give added protection to your front door and your home. ProVia Storm Doors can be made using a variety of materials, some of which include glass, aluminum, wire mesh, and wood.

Different Types of ProVia Storm Doors

There are three major types of ProVia Storm Doors for you to choose from, including:

  • Full View ProVia Storm Doors โ€“ this kind of storm door comes with an entire panel of glass or mesh screen that occupies the full length of the door. There are doors that allow for the interchanging of the glass panel and mesh panel, which allows you to customize your ProVia Storm Doors according to your needs.
  • High View ProVia Storm Doors โ€“ this type of storm door has a solid wood or steel panel covering the bottom part of the door, with the glass or mesh screen panel covering only the top part of the structure. Some high view ProVia Storm Doors have a ventilating style, which allows you to move one of two glass panels upwards or downwards for added ventilation. These usually come with fixed screen panels, making it easier for you to let air in without having to change from glass to screen.
  • Mid View ProVia Storm Doors โ€“ this storm door is designed with panels that occupy two-thirds of the door and the upper parts being covered either with glass or a mesh screen. These mid-view ProVia Storm Doors can have one or two panels and can also come in a ventilating style.

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If you want to have ProVia Storm Doors installed on your current doors in Richmond and Hampton Roads, VA, AAPCO is the company to trust. You can choose from our wide selection of ProVia Storm Doors, which are made with a variety of materials and material combinations. You can even have your ProVia Storm Doors customized to provide added ventilation without leaving your home wide open.

Give your front doors, back doors, steel doors, or just about any entry door added protection with ProVia Storm Doors from AAPCO. Contact us to find out how we can help you with new or replacement ProVia Storm Doors.