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Hampton, VA Solar Panel Company

While exterior remodeling is always beneficial for keeping your home intact, installing solar is a great way of expanding functionality. Solar panel roofing has quickly become a norm for homeowners throughout the Richmond & Chesterfield, VA areas, and SolarTyme by AAPCO would be happy to equip your residence.

We have been trusted as Hampton's top solar panel company since 1969, and in those 50+ years have made quite a name for ourselves. We're accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and are winners of multiple awards, such as "True Best" from HomeAdvisor. When it comes to solar, we offer a variety of specialized products like:

  • Solar Panel Installations
  • Solar Battery Systems

Quality Home Solar Systems in Hampton

Panels are the heart of any solar system in Hampton. They are the key to producing energy, so it's important that you have quality products installed. SolarTyme by AAPCO only provides solar panels from the industry leader SolarTyme, so you can have complete confidence that they'll last. These impressive panels come with a 25-year manufacturer's warranty that ensures performance for years of use. If you ever experienced PV cell degradation outside typical values, this company will be happy to provide replacement panels.

Hiring our company for your solar installation is crucial. We provide all of our customers with many benefits like:

  • Delayed Financing Until 2025
  • Local Service and Customer Support
  • Quick and Flawless Installations
  • Skilled Contractors Who are Highly Awarded

Invest in High-End Batteries for Maximum Performance

An appropriately sized battery bank is essential for any solar installation. Without batteries, you would be unable to store the energy that's produced during the day, rendering your Hampton solar panel system useless. SolarTyme by AAPCO provides durable, high-capacity battery systems from Generac and Enphase, and we also offer solar inverters for a complete installation.

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If it's time to add solar panels to your home, you can trust that SolarTyme by AAPCO will have the quality workmanship and products you need. From solar panels to solar batteries and all accessory components, we'll make sure that your home is good to go. Contact us today for a quote, and don't hesitate to view our other services like windows and doors, bathroom remodeling, roofing, gutters, siding, and outdoor living spaces.