Installing new siding gives your home a fresh, clean look. It is something you need to do when your old siding has deteriorated and must be replaced. Whatever reasons you have for installing new siding, you should make the choice based on what is best for your home.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for New Siding

When you have to pick new siding for your home, the first consideration is how it looks. You should not stop there, however. You should also consider the following factors:

  • Energy efficiency – Siding plays a major role in reducing energy costs. Insulated siding prevents conditioned air from escaping, making your home more energy-efficient. When your home is properly covered by insulated siding, you end up reducing the workload for your HVAC and reducing your energy costs.
  • Care and maintenance – Choosing a siding that requires a lot of maintenance is not a good idea. You will be happier over the long run, as well as save money, by selecting low-maintenance options like vinyl or fiber cement rather than high-maintenance options like wood or aluminum. 
  • Durability – Few products are more durable than well-made siding. Choosing siding that is low-maintenance but cheaply made will require recurring replacement. Be sure to choose a siding that is well-made and has a long shelf life in your particular climate so that you can get your money’s worth.

Choosing the right siding for your home requires some study. If you are unsure which kind of siding is best for your home in Hampton Roads & Richmond, Virginia, one company you can ask for help and advice from is AAPCO. We are a company that specializes in home improvement and remodeling, with more than 4 decades of experience under our belts.

Aside from installing siding, we also install replacement windows, do bathroom remodeling, roofing replacement, and entry door replacement. We also do siding maintenance, help create sunrooms, and even recommend energy conservation methods for your home. To get our help, just contact us to schedule an assessment for your home.