The siding on your home serves more than just one purpose. Aside from making your home look amazing, it also helps with insulation and keeping your home safe from outside elements. This includes keeping bugs and other critters out as well as inclement weather, wind, and even the beating heat of the sun.

With so many benefits for your home, it is a wonder why people tend to put off replacing their siding when signs of deterioration start showing. While you can repaint siding to help keep it from looking decrepit, sometimes painting it over is not enough.

What are the signs that indicate you need to replace your siding?

Here are a few signs that you will need siding replacement or upgrades:

  • Your energy bills are unusually high – If you notice that your energy consumption is rather high and your siding is showing signs of damage, the problem may not be superficial. Your siding may no longer be helping in keeping your home insulated. This is when you should consider replacement.
  • Your siding cannot be fixed with a coat of paint – If your siding needs more than just painting to make it look good, it should definitely be replaced. Signs of damage that is beyond repainting include warping, cracking, rotting, and siding that is coming off of your walls.
  • Mold and mildew development on the walls on the other side – When you notice a musty odor coming from your walls, and black or green spots appear, there is a huge chance that molds are growing in the walls. If the siding on the outside is letting moisture in, you are definitely in need of new siding for your home.
  • Holes and brittle siding material – If you can see holes in your siding, and can actually poke holes in it with a stick, it is probably beyond repair. You should consider having it replaced immediately.
  • Peeling paint and loose wallpaper inside your home – Another indicator that your siding is no longer doing its job is when the wallpaper or paint in your home starts to peel or come loose. This means that your siding is no longer able to keep moisture outside, making your paint or wallpaper come off your walls.

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