Homeowners who own solar panels are typically wary when winter hits. Seeing how snow can collect on their roof, they’re afraid that it’ll accumulate on the panels – causing them to break. Many individuals also don’t see the benefit of installing this system because they think snowfall can block sunlight from hitting the solar panels. Contrary to popular belief, however, wintertime can be beneficial to systems like the SolarTyme panel.

What’s SolarTyme?

SolarTyme is a division of AAPCO, LC that’s dedicated to creating alternative energy solutions and environmentally friendly products. The company was created in 2012 and has helped over 1,000 homeowners across Virginia and North Carolina since then.

When it came to developing solar panels, they wanted to make something that offers superior durability and can be easy to operate. Thus, the SolarTyme panels were created.

So How Can SolarTyme Panels Withstand Winter Weather?

Although the SolarTyme system functions like any conventional solar panel, its design is far from the ordinary. Because, unlike the others, SolarTyme was constructed without any frames.

During a research that was held at the Regional Test Center in Vermont, it was discovered that frameless solar panels work better during winter. When there’s nothing containing the shape of the panel, snow will simply slide off to the side since its path doesn’t have any obstructions. It’ll also be easier for the wind to blow off any excess snow.

Because of this innovative design, a light dusting of snow poses a very little threat to SolarTyme. This also means that sunlight can still penetrate the panels, even during a gentle snowstorm.

If you’re wondering about its condition under inclement snowy weather, SolarTyme was made to prepare for that too. Its frameless structure avoids snow buildup, which is a common cause for solar panels cracking during this season.

Moreover, snowmelt can actually improve the appearance and performance of this system. Whenever ice or snow thaws on top of the panels, it cleans the modules instantly. Having clearer panels mean that more sunlight can be absorbed.

Now that you’re aware of the capabilities of SolarTyme, you can rest easy knowing that these solar panels won’t fail you during winter.

If you’re interested in purchasing this product for new or replacement purposes, contact AAPCO, LC today. Our company is well-versed with the ins and outs of this product quite well, so we know how to install it properly. Contact us for more information and free estimates.

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