Finding a system or method that can dramatically increase your energy savings is easy. However, looking for a product that fits your budget can be a bit tricky. Not all energy saving systems operate alike. Some systems require energy sources like oil and gas, while others need to be installed in between walls (e.g. insulation). The cost of maintaining and installing these products can get expensive. Thankfully, you can gain energy independence and save money at the same time with SolarTyme.

What is SolarTyme?

SolarTyme was created in 2012 by AAPCO, LLC and is also the name of the division of the same company. The division is dedicated to providing an alternative energy solution, energy conservation options, and environmentally friendly products and services.

SolarTyme (the product) emulates the division’s passion by providing properties an alternative energy source – harnessing the power of the sun. SolarTyme performs like most solar panels, so it’s easy to see how your energy consumption drastically decreases. However, SolarTyme comes with its own set of benefits, making it uniquely its own breed of solar panels.

You Can Place It on the Roof or on the Ground

SolarTyme can either be mounted on the roof or on the ground. Wherever place you choose, it’s still powerful enough to efficiently absorb sunlight to power your property. Of course, SolarTyme needs to be installed by professional solar installers so it can operate properly.

Made to be the Best

SolarTyme is made with the finest products to provide excellent energy savings and accurate results. SolarTyme is composed of:

  • Monocrystalline modules for superior performance and one-of-a-kind aesthetic.
  • Micro inverters that allow each module to operate independently, giving it maximum performance and power point tracking.
  • Monitoring system monitored by Enphase Energy, which monitors SolarTyme panel by panel, or through hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly graphs.

SolarTyme is also covered by industry leading performance warranties to ensure that clients are receiving nothing but the best.


It’s possible for the price of other energy sources to increase, but harnessing solar energy is more affordable than ever before. Without the fear of increased costs, you can comfortably power your property indefinitely. SolarTyme also allows you to obtain federal tax credits and incentives, lowering the costs even further.

SolarTyme is an affordable, “green,” and cost effective system that significantly cuts your energy usage while increasing your savings. If you’re interested in installing a SolarTyme on your property, contact us for a free estimate. If you have any questions regarding this system, feel free to fill out the form on our contact page. Our services are available to properties in Greater Virginia.